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Driving professionally within the Capital city of London is truly an invaluable skill to have. All those who regularly drive within London know very well how challenging the traffic and reaching your destination can be. All drivers that are properly licenced and qualified must carry a minibus permit. PSV or a Public Service Vehicle Operators Licence is required to be fully qualified for carrying passengers. For London the rules are slightly different as drivers require a London Service Permit to run a private minibus or coach in London. There are four types of licence, however, our main focus is on the three licences, which are:

  • Standard Licence: operate nationally
  • Standard Licence: Operate nationally and internationally
  • London Service Permit: Licenced to drive in London

Minibus with Driver London are a transport company in London that have been successfully operating within London and the surrounding areas for over 10 years. We possess ample local and national knowledge of driving private minibuses and coaches and our expertise in the area is second to none. Minibus with Driver London hold an outstanding record within the transport industry and have hundreds of long-standing customers. Due to the high level of customer service that we provide, Minibus with Driver London attract repeat business almost one hundred percent of the time. The hundreds of satisfied customers that repeatedly use our service simply refuse to use any other minibus or coach hire company. The drivers that Minibus with Driver London assign to each vehicle are fully qualified and licenced drivers that have extensive local knowledge, as well as, driving experience nationally. We as a company thrive on excellent customer service and will only offer the best in every area of the service that we provide. This is reflected in the vehicles that we provide and the professional and courteous drivers that come with each vehicle.

Minibus with Driver London offer a huge range of vehicles that vary in size and style: suitable for any event that may crop up in life. Our minibuses consist of 8-seater minibuses with driver, 10-seater minibuses with driver, 12-seater minibuses with driver, 14-seater minibuses with driver and 16-seater minibuses with driver. The 16-seater minibuses are the most popular size that we provide and is constantly in demand. Minibus with Driver London also offer minibuses that are standard and executive. Whether your journey is an everyday trip or a special day like a wedding, Minibus with Driver London have the exact vehicle and driver that you need for your specific journey.

One of the key aspects in minibus hire is that the driver is qualified, experienced and competent. If the driver is skilled and experienced then the journey is safe and comfortable for the clients. One of the reasons why Minibus Hire with Driver London have been so successful is due to the fact that we only assign first-rate drivers to all the minibuses. Minibus Hire with Driver London carry out thorough checks before employing any driver and always make sure that they are highly experienced, especially within the locality they are serving. The essential criteria that Minibus Hire with Driver London look for in a driver are:

  • They hold a Public Service Vehicle Operators Licence
  • Hold a professional driving qualification called the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC)
  • They have at least 3 years driving experience
  • They are medically fit to drive and carry passengers
  • In this case, hold a London Service Permit

Other than the legal requirements, Minibus Hire with Driver also look for:

  • how experienced they are driving locally and nationally
  • how well they know the roads of London
  • are they well-mannered, professional and courteous at all times
  • are they good with people, have people skills

In other words, Minibus Hire with Driver London are extremely thorough and selective when assigning drivers to carry out any driving on the vehicles and make sure that each driver is rigorously interviewed and checked. The reason why Minibus Hire with Driver London are so thorough with the drivers is because our ultimate aim is that your travel with us runs as smoothly, safely and comfortably as possible and that you always feel assured that you are in expert hands throughout your journey. Minibus Hire with Driver London always make sure that each driver has ample local knowledge, as driving in London is not the same as driving anywhere else in the country. Before assigning a driver, Minibus Hire with Driver London assess whether a driver is well acquainted with the driving rules of London, the roads of London, the most popular routes and destinations and the traffic habits of London. This knowledge of London is vital as it helps the driver to anticipate the road and select alternative routes if required. Minibus Hire with Driver London know how important it is for you to reach your destination on time, hence, Minibus Hire with Driver London require all London drivers to possess at least 5 years driving experience within London, as this eliminates any setbacks on the day of travel. As well as qualified and highly-skilled drivers, Minibus Hire with Driver London offer a fleet of top-quality minibuses that come in various seating capacities and specifications. All minibuses are maintained to the highest level at all times, so that your journey with us is as comfortable as possible for you. Minibus Hire with Driver London carry out any type of journey, regardless of mileage, time and group size. Some of the most common journeys booked with us are airport runs, evenings out, day trips, weekends away, a day at the races, corporate meetings and events, school/work contracts and weddings.

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