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Minibus And Driver Hire London
minibus and driver hire London

Minibus And Driver Hire London

Driving in London, in general, can deem quite challenging at times, even for the most experienced of drivers. If you’ve never driven in and around London or are visiting from abroad, the experience with the traffic of London can be quite daunting. Using public transport isn’t always convenient as you have to walk to the stations and wait for your public transport. Once you arrive at the station of destination you need to find other transport to get to your exact location. If you include everything, public transport can be expensive along with inconveniences. This is why millions of people that are travelling in larger groups choose to travel by private hire minibuses, as this method of transport eliminates all the inconveniences. You know exactly what you are paying for the full journey and do not have to worry about anything else.

Minibus and Driver Hire London have over 10 years’ experience of driving in London and Greater London and are the leading private minibus hire providers within the area. Minibus and Driver Hire London are well-established and highly reputable, as they do not compromise on the quality of service that they provide and have been providing for many years. Minibus and Driver Hire London are purely customer focussed and deliver an outstanding customer service in every aspect. This is why Minibus and Driver Hire London have the largest customer retention, as the first-rate service that we consistently provide continually attracts repeat business. Minibus and Driver Hire London not only have numerous repeat customers nationally but we serve thousands of international customers too. A large majority of our customers are tourists and visitors from abroad, including corporate clients. Minibus and Driver Hire London have been serving clients from all walks of life and some of customers include, ITV, BBC, Virgin, British Airways, Macdonald’s, Marks and Spencer’s and Shop Direct.

Minibus and Driver Hire London offer an extensive range of minibuses that are available in various sizes and specifications. In terms of the seating capacity, Minibus and Driver Hire London offer 8-seater minibuses with driver, 10-seater minibuses with driver, 12-seater minibuses with driver, 14-seater minibuses with driver and 16-seater minibuses with driver. Minibus and Driver Hire London maintain all vehicles to the highest of standards, so that your journey is as comfortable as possible. Some of the minibuses come with features such as, entertainment systems, PA Systems, leather seats, tables, wheelchair access, air-conditioning, arm rests, cup holders and luggage compartments. Minibus and Driver Hire London only offer outstanding minibuses that are highly comfortable and all our clients thoroughly enjoy travelling in them. Minibus and Driver Hire London provide highly qualified and skilled drivers with each minibus, who have years of driving experience behind them. The drivers are well-acquainted with driving in London and understand the traffic habits of London very well. Minibus and Driver Hire London can accommodate any type of journey, regardless of group size, mileage, time of travel and the type of minibus, as we provide both standard and executive minibuses.

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